“Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen”,  así daban la bienvenida los alumnos de 6º EP a sus familias y a los alumnos y profesores de Cambourne Village College y Melbourne Village College el pasado 28 de abril. Celebrando el 400 Aniversario de la Muerte de Cervantes, los alumnos presentaron tres actos de la famosa obra, Don Quijote de La Mancha.  20170227_152414[1]

“In the first representation we saw how Don Quixote, at the beginning of his adventures, wanted to be an armed knight. He approached an inn and confused it with a castle and also thought the innkeeper, his wife, the clients and servants were all noble people and knights”.


“In the second representation Don Quixote confused some travellers, monks, ladies and their servants with bad people, enchanters and camels. He wanted to fight them believing that they were holding a lady captive.”

“In the final representation the protagonist wasn’t our knight but his squire, Sancho Panza. Don Quixote had promised to pay him for his services and would make him governor of an island and he would be rich and famous. The duke and duchess of Villahermosa heard of this and with the rest of the villagers, pretended that Sancho Panza was in fact the governor. They made the squire resolve several cases and despite being illiterate, the squire was able to solve them using his common sense.”

Thank you very much for your performance! We really enjoyed it!


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